TeamSkeet – Layna Landry – BF Fucks Me in a Towel


TeamSkeet – Layna Landry – BF Fucks Me in a Towel – You come home and catch me in a towel fresh out of the shower with the lights dim and sensual….you just can’t resist my sexy, toned body and perfect ass. You start admiring me from behind, peeking under my towel, pulling it up slowly, finally teasing my already wet pussy with your fingers. I let out a few small moans and I can feel you getting more and more turned on. You pull out your hard cock and slowly slide into me….do you like that? Does my warm, tight pussy feel good wrapped around your dick? We get more and more turned on and finally you rip the towel off and really start going to town, slapping my ass before grabbing my hips and pounding my pussy. You turn me over and throw me on the bed, lifting my legs up on your shoulders before fucking me hard and fast as my perfect tits bounce up and down underneath you. You slide your finger in my mouth before putting your hand on my neck and I can’t get enough of it, moaning and smiling with your hand wrapped around my throat as you fuck me into a dick coma.

Actors: Layna Landry
Added on: October 5, 2020